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One-Time-Password Authentication Token c100

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Event-based (HOTP) tokens provide a user based system capable of producing a unique password at "the push of a button" delivering secure log-on credentials each time an account is accessed.

Front, Back, and Side to Side

FEITIAN OTP c100 is typically supported by the FEITIAN OTP Authentication System (FOAS) back end server. FOAS delivers a complete solution to organizations of all sizes and orientations by streamlining all authentication operations, such as deployment, provisioning and maintenance significantly reducing IT overhead. Centralized integration and management take place on the server side; this ensures that the user experience is simple and easily to understand while at the same time administration is reliable and secure. With the advanced security measures provided by FEITIAN OTP c100 and FOAS organizations take an important step toward the development of user confidence in their brand.

Adaptable Solution for a Secure Fit

Specifically engineered in accord with the standards of the Open Authentication (OATH) consortium FEITIAN HOTP Tokens can serve as a seamless hardware solution for any organization which maintains and operates an OATH compliant back end authentication server. Additionally Feitian offers a host of options, tailoring the token deployment to satisfy the particular requirements of any job. Unique faceplate and colour customizations are available for OEM. For large scale projects the seed code can be generated and inserted into the token locally at the user's site. Password number sequences are available in sets of six or eight digits.


Strong two-factor authenticator through dynamic password technology

  • Unique password generated each time, password cannot be reused
  • Zero software install at client side
  • Zero footprint authentication
  • Minimum change to existed static password authentication system

OATH compliant event-based HOTP device

  • Compliant with OATH open algorithm
  • Easy to be integrated with 3rd party OATH authentication system
  • PSKC format seed code available

Easy to use and portable

  • Simple one-click to generate the one-time-password
  • No PIN needed
  • Independent to end-user environment. No external connection is needed
  • Easy to carry on a key ring

Single-button OTP hardware token

  • 8-character high contrast LCD display with a count-down timing bar
  • One built-in button
  • Onboard event counter
  • Non-replaceable built-in battery
  • Secure Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Unique token serial number

Secure, robust and long life hardware design

  • Battery lifetime expectancy 5 to 7 years
  • Seed code stored with encryption and protection
  • Tamper evidence

Flexible customization options

  • Customizable 6 or 8 digits pass code
  • Faceplate, casing color and serial number customizable
  • Customizable industrial and end-user packaging

Support FOAS server

  • Standard Radius authentication service
  • Easy to integrate with a wide range of authentication and access gateway solutions
  • Centralized authentication and graphical management system
  • Stable performance under heavy duty environment





User Interface 8-character high contrast LCD display
Built-in button
Security Algorithms OATH compliant event-based HOTP
Memory Type Random Access Memory (RAM)
Endurance More than 14,000 clicks
Battery Lifecycle 5 years
Power Consumption Less than 0.005mW
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
(14°F ~ 122°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
(-4°F ~ 158°F)
Humidity 0% ~ 100% without condensation
Physical Resistance Tamper evident
IP54 ingress protection (under evaluation)

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