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Mobile OTP Token

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A one-time-password product for mobile users

Mobile OTP enables users to access secure log-in credentials on their favorite everyday mobile platforms such as Android, J2ME, Windows Mobile, Black Berry, Symbian and more in an advanced security framework with built in defenses against the host of attacks aimed exclusively at mobile devices.

Modern Solution for Modern Living

Developments in mobile communication technology have revolutionized the way that people interact and access information. Mobile devices are constantly evolving to serve a host of complex functions and services which are increasingly focused on sensitive matters such as commerce, business and personal information. Mobile OTP by Feitian is a convenient and easy to use application that enables users to harness the power of two-factor authentication for secure network log-in and key based challenge response protocol from their favorite mobile devices.

Powerful Access Restrictions Manage Risk from Loss or Theft

The strong authentication capabilities of Mobile Token are secured by the user's ability to change the access password as well as the number of acceptable trials and the time period that a password maintains it validity. Secured in a password protected application the powerful token features are limited exclusively to the rightful token proprietor.

Compatible with Time (TOTP), Event (HOTP) One Time Password (OTP) Protocols

HOTP utilizes a dynamic event based algorithm, creating a unique password in the form of a number sequence, regenerated for each new log-in. Once the user has confirmed themselves in the application, access is granted to the one time password which is retrieved on demand- with the push of a button. TOTP requires no user input to facilitate the change of log-in credentials, it is based on an algorithm that generates a new password to correspond to the passing of time and eliminates the possibility of passwords which can stagnate without user input for an indeterminate period of time.

Use in conjunction with OATH Challenge Response Algorithm (OCRA)

This enables the user to access the broad base of functions available with challenge and response technology. These features include the secure digital signing of transactions and sensitive data; once the digital signature is affixed to a file its content can not be altered by so much as one character without causing a revocation of the secure sign. The unique response sequence generated by a specific user challenge (as well as the reverse process) can be utilized to cross validate servers and websites making certain that the intended destination is not being misrepresented; a user can validate the system before logging in and entering sensitive data and likewise the system can validate the user to be assured that they are who they claim to be.

Feitian FOAS and Mobile Token: Working Together

The Mobile Token solution can be delivered as part of a more complete package by Feitian when used in tandem with the Feitian OATH Authentication Server (FOAS) back end token management system. Adopting Mobile Token in conjunction with FOAS helps institutions mitigate the scope of their IT infrastructure from overhead expenses to administration.


Users Are Empowered to Choose the Necessary Level of Security

Mobile Token by Feitian can support a range of Feitian security solutions (HOTP, TOTP, and OCRA) it is up to the end user to decide which level of security they require. HOTP is based on user input featuring a dynamic password that changes at the push of a button. TOTP is a clock based system that changes with the passing of time. OCRA is a challenge/response system that, in addition to strong authentication, can provide data encryption and cross-validation.

Activation Arranged by Preference

Users who opt for Online Activation must enter an activation address, an activation password, a username and a password or serial number of token on the online activation interface of the mobile phone token after connecting the mobile phone to the network. Alternatively users can decide to Activate Manually, using this offline approach users need to enter a token serial number, an activation password, and an activation code on the manual activation interface of the mobile phone token.

Customizations are available based on the application platform

For J2ME and Windows Mobile platforms you can choose online or manual activation, specify a web address for activation, Personalize with a logo and product picture and set the language interface

Be Yourself with Unique Mobile Identity Verification

Mobile Token by Feitian is equipped with a unique identification code which binds a set of specific authentication credentials to a certain mobile device. This measure effectively prevents the unauthorized use of personal Mobile Token features since the identification code generated by different devices vary.

Designed for compatibility with consumer favorite devices

Mobile OTP by Feitian was engineered for seamless compatibility with such popular mobile device platforms as: Android, iPhone, etc.


Strong two-factor authenticator through dynamic password technology

  • Unique password generated each time, password cannot be reused
  • Minimum change to existed static password authentication system 

OATH compliant event-based HOTP, time-based TOTP and challenge-response OCRA algorithms

  • Compliant with OATH open algorithm 
  • Easy to be integrated with 3rd party OATH authentication system 
  • PSKC format seed code available 

Easy to use and portable

  • Simple one-click to generate the one-time-password 
  • No PIN needed 
  • Independent to end-user environment. No external connection is needed 
  • Easy to carry on a key ring 

Single-button OTP hardware token

  • 8-character high contrast LCD display with a count-down timing bar 
  • One built-in button 
  • Onboard accurate Real Time Clock (RTC) 
  • Non-replaceable built-in battery 
  • Secure Random Access Memory (RAM) 
  • Unique token serial number 

Secure, robust and long life hardware design

  • Battery lifetime expectancy 5 to 7 years 
  • Seed code stored with encryption and protection 
  • Tamper evidence 

Flexible customization options

  • Customizable 6 or 8 digits pass code 
  • Customizable OTP refresh frequency (for time based algorithms) 
  • Faceplate, casing color and serial number customizable 
  • Customizable industrial and end-user packaging 

Support FOAS server

  • Standard Radius authentication service 
  • Easy to integrate with a wide range of authentication and access gateway solutions 
  • Centralized authentication and graphical management system 
  • Stable performance under heavy duty environment

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