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Java Card Operating System(FTJCOS)

Java Card Operating System(FTJCOS), has been meticulously designed to conform to the strict standards of the Global Platformand ISO industry; thereby ensuring a uidity andseamless interoperability of applications for cardissuers as well as solutions developers. 

FT Java Card maintains compatibility with thirdpartyapplets as well as all existing smart cardinfrastructures is practice facilitates multiplesourcing of the components within the smart card solutions.FT Java Card enables standard applications of aparticular card issuer to be put into the ROM therebysignicantly reducing the EEPROM requirements.

Dual-Interface Supporting

FT Java Card users can custom tailor the solution to fit their specific needs, offering optional support for RSA coprocessor, contactless communications, and GSM protocol features.

Cost Effective Pricing

FT Java Card and JCOS are eective solution for simpler low-costimplementations as well as the high-end of multi-controller configurations.

Cross Platform

The results of multiple cross -platform tests determine that FT JavaCard consistently ranks higher in application performance thancompetitive Java Card implementations, including those implementations running on 32-bit platforms and proprietary cards.

Java Authorized Licensees

Fundamentally based on international standards of smart card open source operating system
specifications as endorsed by Sun Microsystems (Oracle), the GlobalPlatform consortium, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), EMV, et.cetera. FTJCOS is available for licensing across the smart card value chain and across industries.

Multiple Cryptography Solution

FT Java Card oers RSA 2048-bit length and the ability to generateRSA key components to the highest standard of card security.Security protocol hashing methods MD5 and SHA1 are available as well.

Supporting chip

certificados javacad  certificados javacard  certificados javacard  certificados javacard  certificados javacard



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Java Card

download SDK Java Card;

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