ROCKEY6 SMART Software Protection Dongle is a smart card chip based software protection dongle with built-in C51 virtual machine. The C51 virtual machine allows small application being executed onboard. Thus developer can move a part of the functions to the dongle. Dongle will perform as a part of the application. Without the dongle, the application is not complete. Even software is duplicated, it is lack of core functions being protected in the dongle. The function migration concept is a new generation of software protection technique, which can provide absolute protection to applications.

rockey6 dongle software protection

ROCKEY6 SMART is a smartcard-based dongle which provides highly secure full-featured software protection solution for software developers over a number of operating platforms. It is a high-speed driverless Human Interface Device (HID), providing up to 64K on board memory storage and high-strength encryption algorithms such as RSA and DES. Through the flexible remote-update and feature management features of ROCKEY6 SMART, software developers can easily employ various sales patterns like lease, trial and sale on application features in an absolute pirate-free way.




Enhanced Hardware Security

  • 64K user space
  • Built-in counter and timer
  • With C51 virtual machine on chip
  • Global Unique Hardware ID and site-specific management code
  • High-speed HID device; Driverless smartcard-based software dongle
  • Based on FEITIAN COS with self-owned independent intellectual rights

Software Upgrading

  • High-strength algorithms: RSA, DES etc.
  • Keil-embedded development tool provided on trial request
  • Provides various virtual machine system call and development interfaces with double- precision floating point mathematical operations


  • USB Card Reader
  • Batch production support
  • ISO 7816 Standard Support


  • Flexible feature management and secure remote update 
  • Powerful management functions with user-defined data types and security levels


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