Each ROCKEY2 dongle contains a globally unique Hardware ID for developers to identify the device. HID is the unchangeable ID that has been burn into the dongle during production. Another User ID is also provided for developers to distinguish different clients. Developers can generate their own UID by inserting up to 64 bytes of Seed Code. UID is the key for users to access the content stored in dongle memory.

rockey2 dongle software protection


Software vendors can apply the dongle with either enveloper tool or programming APIs. The enveloper tool can protect the executable program with well-designed shell encryption technique. No extra developing work is required. For advanced developers, the programming API is the best choice. Almost all the programming languages and environments are supported. The fluent and luxuriant sample codes make developing work enjoyable.


Features Rockey2

Cost effective.
USB driverless device.
Universal unique hardware ID.
- Provide shell encryption tool.
- 2560 bytes user space.
- Support multiple operating systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, Linux and Mac OS.
- Provide multiple software programming interfaces: Delphi, Power Builder, Python, Java, FoxPro,VB, VC, C# and VB.NET etc.

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